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Custom Commissions

Lets work together to redesign the perfect piece for your space & lifestyle!


Do you have a special piece of furniture that is meaningful to you that perhaps could use an makeover? Do you have a piece that is the perfect size and functionality for your space but doesn't match your current aesthetic? Are you looking for something that is custom designed for you and your space that is a one of a kind piece, created just for you?


I love helping people transform their space and how they feel in that space, one piece of furniture at a time! Through my artistic approach of specialized color layering and brush techniques, using a non-toxic, clay based paint designed specifically for furniture I am able to create unique, one of a kind finishes that will enhance the beauty of the piece as well as the surrounding space.


As an alternative to using the toxic chemicals involved in stripping and staining, using a non-toxic, clay based paint with no VOCs or fumes allows me an environmentally friendly and safe way to work on pieces in my studio as well as "On-site" in my clients homes without the effects and exposure to harmful chemicals. 

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