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Hello! I’m Candace!

Welcome to my little corner of the inter-webs! I am a Boston based artist and owner of Brassy Knobs!

I help people change how they feel about (and in) their space one piece of furniture at a time! You don’t need to completely re-decorate your whole house to make a shift. I believe by making even a small intentional change to your space, it can have a positive ripple effect on your space and in your life. 

Transforming furniture into artwork is a way to bring beauty, inspiration and joy into your space, raising your vibration and changing how you feel in that space!


Change Your Space, Change Your Vibe.

My Story:

I'm a vintage lover, antique hunter, furniture painter, wardrobe/set stylist & content creator! I know... all the hats!

A few years ago I had and idea to start a Vintage & DIY blog but what unfolded instead was something even more magical then I ever could have planned for! I fell in love with using my creative talents to enhance and transform furniture into beautiful pieces of artwork and the joy it brought to others to have a special, one of a kind piece in their home! 

As I’ve evolved on this journey as an artist, creative and entrepreneur I’ve really come to learn about the power of story telling, especially the stories we tell ourselves... and how what we choose to surround ourselves with can impact that story!

Funny enough, when I’m not painting furniture, you can find me on a movie set working in wardrobe (telling a story with clothing) or on a photo shoot styling sets & models and "creating a vibe".

We've all heard the phrase "Dress for the part you want"... well the same goes for our dwelling space. When we get intentional with our space and surround ourselves with things that are special and meaningful to us and how we want to live (aka the things that “spark joy” -shout out to my girl Marie Kundo) it elevates our energy, literally raising our physical vibration and changing how we feel. So tell me...

What's your story?  

What do you want it to be? 

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