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Meet Candace Masterson, the Boston based creative mind and founder of Brassy Knobs. To say that Candace has a passion for creating things, well that would be an understatement… She has design and restoration in her blood. “I see things not as they are, but as, what they could be” Candace states as what is both her gift and her curse.

Growing up as the daughter of a carpenter and living with grandparents whose mantra was “if it's broke around here we fix it” Candace learned at an early age the craftsmanship of how to make do with existing resources to restore and improve the things around her.  She attributes this skill, as well as her grandparents’ “basement full of treasures” (antiques in need of a little TLC) for igniting the spark of creativity that she now refers to [fondly] as “furniture artistry”.

Along with her innate talent, Candace has a degree in Fashion Design and over 12 years’ experience in the retail industry, 8 of which were spent at the headquarters of one of the most successful Fortune 500 retailers in the US. She is a certified fashionista with a refined eye for style, quality and spotting the next hot trend. Candace starting renovating and repurposing furniture because simply, she didn’t have any of her own. With Restoration Hardware taste, and a Target budget, Candace took matters into her own hands, and after styling her own home, and homes of friends, Brassy Knobs was born.

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